Thoreauean Days…part 1

A few years ago I was blessed to play the role of Henry David Thoreau in a film about the way he affected and continues to affect the world we live in.  The version that we shot was a short film for the purpose of education and oh! so much  more.  We are in the process of developing the feature and I’m sure when it comes out, it will bless those that watch it as much as us that have endured to make it.  With all of this said, throughout the course of my preparation, I found myself writing loads of poetry.  I preface this with this…I received C’s and D’s in my high school English classes.  My 12th grade teacher actually asked me this question prior to graduation, “Chris, what do you plan on doing after graduating high school?”  I said, “Well Ms. Sutter, I plan on going to college!”  She said, “Your parents are wasting their money by sending you to college.”  Although harsh, in a way she was probably right.  I did not enjoy it too much and my grades reflected my distaste.  It wasn’t until I started travelling the world on my own that I actually started to read and to be honest, it wasn’t until I started reading the Bible that I actually started to learn.  It was my constant reading of the Bible and my insane dedication to whatever role I was taking on that sparked my educational journey.  Either way, in God’s perfect timing, He did inside of me…what only He could do.

I hope you enjoy some of the poems that poured through this unlearned fool that was allowing God to use him as His tool…  (they are all very raw and were all written over the course of but a few days)

‘With Great Thanks’

(written on the late eve of 4.7.08)

Enthralled by all that Henry saw                                                                                                         I found myself plastered to this bed                                                                            even though there was a fire to draw

I thank you for giving me appreciation                                                                                               to a life of other living                                                                                                         If it was not for you, I would still                                                                                                                     be stuck in this bubble,  I can no longer believe in

you’ve opened my eyes                                                                                                                              to a life that God so masterfully devised                                                                     If it was not for Him                                                                                                                         I could’ve never found you within…

*          *          *

A portion of – ‘for the unseen C.O.G.’

Full circle, unexpected                                                                                                                        Squeaking noise, you are detected

In the middle have I stormed                                                                                                          Open-armed to be reborn

Of the Spirit and the Water                                                                                                                 This is true, I love you Father

Is it You, I hear within me                                                                                                                If it’s true, please penetrate me

Beauty rarely seen                                                                                                                                Somehow more touching than the breeze                                                                    Yes, it’s You, oh Mr. Frees                                                                                                                Once again You got me, Geez

Just when I thought I had escaped You                                                                                      You grabbed and pulled me right through                                                                      To the open seas of Thailand please                                                                                              Once again I find myself on my knees

Paradise lost, Paradise found                                                                                                          It was there I once felt, completely sound

Were You with me, or just listening                                                                                              to the calls just north of Sicily

It was there that I was plagued                                                                                                       by my own curiosity, enslaved

But You rescued me                                                                                                                               from the rest of these                                                                                                               As I walk past Frees                                                                                                                             it is You I see

Stormy weather                                                                                                                                     Darkness finds you                                                                                                                   But then I’m comforted as You remind me                                                                                Of Your promise, they do find-see

Is it truth, or am I still blinded                                                                                                         back to chaos, ridden concrete                                                                                                      only Water will unbind thee

Truth be told, as it unfolds                                                                                                                 to the stories I’ve been told

Heavy laden by your ornery                                                                                                            Broken spells, oh get behind me!                                                                                       Scripture says, I can unwind thee                                                                                                  to a place you’ll never find-see

Back in light, still cold with fright                                                                                                    why don’t you just leave, you’ve got not rite!                                                             For this I write – and take to flight                                                                                                  as the gracious stranger – up to His height

Mountains climbed, forever mine                                                                                                  Unto Your mansions, I do find                                                                                           The freedom promised, I know I’ve been dishonest                                                                But in admitting, I’ve been my strongest

I thank You for Your sacrifice                                                                                                          it is my life, forever heist                                                                                                     me to the heavens, to be Your brethren                                                                                      to serve You, so I belong then

And if it’s okay, I’ll sing that song                                                                                                    with those below Your mighty thrown                                                                           with Your power, I will devour                                                                                                        all those that try to shower                                                                                                     me with nonsense, it must stop hence                                                                                          in You I rest, my unbreakable fence

In the Name, I find no blame                                                                                                            I scream and shout it with no shame                                                                               Jesus, You are my One true aim                                                                                                      I rest eternally-bull’s eye-game…

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