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Gods Waters

Reach Out

Cloud By Day

Lay Me Down

Why Do We Do the Things We Do

Your Grace

Let God’s Glory Be Seen

All these songs were written by God and for God. Almost all the songs that I’ve been blessedto be a part of, God has sparked the fire within me and before the song is completely written, I already have the recording system on. I’ll pray before I put down the track for either the piano or guitar and ask God to play through me and then hit record and go wherever the Spirit guides. Then I’ll get back on my knees and pray that the Lord will sing through me, hit record and sing however His Spirit guides. Rarely do I have the song completed before it’s recorded.  In lieu of this and so much more, I don’t want to sell you this music. It is God’s and was created for Him. If it blesses you, it came from Him and I am grateful. If you feel like donating to help keep this site running and bless the ministry, I’m grateful as well, but PLEASE

do not feel obligated. All I ever ask is that you follow the prompting of the Lord in ALL aspects

of your life. God Bless… Chris